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How To Install Ubuntu MATE From USB Drive

Ubuntu MATE is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. An apparent choice to be honest, after all, it is where tech community relies on, Android was developed on Ubuntu by Google, Wikipedia relies on Ubuntu as well, a parent-OS of Linux Mint, other start-up and key players from tech industry do their projects on the said distro for the reason it’s a great platform to quickly run on the public and OpenStack clouds. It is safe to say it has a massive community sponsor than any other distro, after all, Ubuntu leads among the most popular distribution out there, recognized by most experienced Linux users for tech-savvy individuals and software enthusiasts. If you are interested in trying Linux Mint out, you can install it with the assistant of the Etcher, which can be downloaded from Balena Etcher.

Ubuntu MATE

Although there’s a lot of derivatives from Ubuntu, nothing can beat from its godfather, breaking the notion of Linux Command line hassle as the game-changer among the Linux distributions. It has a very easy-to-follow installation process, it dictates in English or any language you want provides an option to have it installed alongside with your present Operating System, and can do partition for experienced users who know their game. To know further details, this site is a must for you.